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Michael Nolan 4 Bellevue

Michael Nolan

Independent for Bellevue Ward in Boroondara

A fresh focus for Bellevue

Community priorities

Many in our community believe Bellevue needs a fresh focus, with a strong community-informed vision and new councillor representation. 


Living in Bellevue is great, but there are always opportunities for improvement. I believe the communities in Kew East, and North Balwyn should be consulted in creating that vision for our future. I’m ready to bring my decades of project management and community experience to improve the way we do things, by listening to you, and creating an even better Boroondara together.


Listening to the community

Over the next weeks and months, I will be door-knocking with supporters to discuss various suggestions, and to find out more about what you would like to see happen in Bellevue and more widely across Boroondara. We will be asking you:


  • What do you value in your neighbourhood?

  • What are your concerns?

  • What would you like to see happen in the future?


Getting in touch:

Please get in touch and give me your thoughts - see my contact page or follow me on my socials, drop me an email, or WhatsApp me on mobile. 


Help be a part of creating 'a fresh focus for Bellevue'.

  • Boroondara - A Fresh Focus
    I want to work with you to bring changes to Boroondara We need a new approach at council. I will focus on addressing the following areas: Planning major projects I’d like to investigate whether major projects can be done in stages so residents don’t lose access to facilities for years. Council is failing on climate Council’s climate strategy has serious problems. For example: They have not made installing rooftop solar any easier There are no electric vehicle (EV) charging stations in many areas – including Bellevue Council still has gas fired heating systems in its recreation centres Even the new Kew Rec Centre will be using gas Transport Boroondara needs to be friendlier for walking and bike riding and less congested for cars. Council policies do not align with the move to electrification of transport (EVs, e-bikes, e-buses). Rates We need responsible spending. Our rates should be better managed. Council has spent $80M on the Customer First Portal - an excessive cost Kew Rec is $15 - 20M over budget, with no timeline for completion Council has approved demolition and rebuild of the Kew Library which has little local support Where we should be spending money? If we fix the capital program issue with more responsible spending, we will have room to move allowing: more green space, easier local shopping better local community programs and amenities more walkable neighbourhoods and better local transport lower cost-of-living by installing rooftop solar, and getting off gas
  • Local Community
    Strong communities are connected communities It is important that we maintain the standard of the places where we meet as well as create new spaces to encourage local interaction. Here are some ideas: Enhance and improve connectivity between our parks and walking trails Use some of the N-E Link compensation to acquire key land to create a trail from the Koonung Creek Reserve to the Greythorn Village Shopping Centre and Greythorn Community Centre Provide more community gardens, similar to the community garden in Willsmere, Kew East. One potential location for a Community Garden is the park near the Bellevue Kindergarten. Another suggestion is in the Koonung Creek Reserve Provide more amenities at recreational facilities, including Macleay Park Netball Centre and Hyde Park (Kew East) Improve pedestrian crossings, such as near the Willsmere shops and the community garden in East Kew
  • Responsible Spending
    Improved Accountability for community benefits: There needs to be better strategic planning and greater accountability in how our Council budget is spent. I will use my experience in project management and project governance to support responsible spending when it comes to capital projects. In particular: We need to address the time and cost blow-out and have Kew Recreation Centre available for the community We must properly review the Kew Library development, defer any work until after the coming Council election, re-visit the community consultation on all options Future major capital projects, should carefully consider staged and phased upgrades, so that the community can continue to enjoy local facilities rather than have them turned into construction sites for years Increase community access and increase transparency for major projects. Improved access to business case and financials for the options Bring more responsible spending into effect on the capital program, which will free up our rates for better amenities and improved community services
  • Climate
    Climate action benefits the whole community Addressing delays to meet the emissions targets specified in Boroondara's Council Climate Strategy 2021-2030, will require stronger commitment from Council. I will use my professional and community experience to advocate to: Install electric vehicle charging stations in shopping villages in Kew East, North Balwyn and Greythorn Protect trees and increase tree planting Help residents install rooftop solar to lower their power bills and reduce emissions Extend the No. 48 tram to Greythorn Village Specify electric buses on key routes to eliminate diesel fumes around our schools and shopping centres

Want to learn more?

For further information regarding Bellevue Ward, please explore the About Bellevue section on my website and stay tuned to my social media channels for updates on upcoming community events.
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